Yakada Yaka

Sri Lanka Railways time table iOS app


Easy to view timetables

TImetable is group by the time, so you will be able to see the earliest train in first and other after that.

Auto complete station names

Once you started to type the station names you will see it will suggest the train station names starting from the letters you type

View available classes for trains

Sri Lankan train has 3 clases in their compartments, they are 1st class, 2nd class and 3rd class (commuter)

Save departure and destination stations

Last search stations are saved in the home screen, this will let you to reduce time searching stations again and again.

Swap departure and destination stations

Do you want to swap destination and departure stations ? Its a button click away

Duration for Journeys

We calculate the duration for your journey, so at a glance you can see how long it will take you to go to your destination.